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MOT testing centres should never fail to stick to VOSA MOT retesting regulations.

MOT re-test procedures are fairly convoluted and also very challenging. Permit us to set the landscape to help you in regards to when you are able and will not get a FREE re-test.

First of all, the first regulation tends to be that when a your car has failed its MOT, the compulsory period of time for the completion of any repair and any resulting re-test is just 10 business days following on from the first test date. This applies assuming that the family car has been remedied and successively registered to have a re-test ahead of the end of 10 working days. If all of the aforementioned has been accomplished, then the computerised MOT software all MOT test stations utilize is able to, at this stage, make it possible for us to register the family car and do the re-test.

The second rule would be that within the MOT re-examination it is commonly a fact that a small number of elements could be re-tested almost immediately but on the contrary various issues command far more measured assessment.

For example;

  • For instance your car falls short on 1 tyre; then a replaced tyre is a breeze to find and a "fast track" MOT test can be accomplished, taking just a little while of the MOT testers time and for this reason will not attract a re-test bill.
  • Or an additional example: What if your vehicle or light van failed to pass its MOT check on headlamp aims, emissions, and braking systems; in this instance your family car has got to be enrolled with your local Litherland VOSA MOT test station to secure a partial re-test and brought directly into MOT test bay, then the emissions assessment will need to be completed, a light rigorous overall check out undertaken coupled with an extensive braking system analysis performed. This work in general takes further quantities of the MOT testers time, and this is why this is going to in general attract a re-test fee.

For that reason while we, and almost every MOT test centre, markets and provides FREE tests it will be, in most cases, determined by when your vehicle or light commercial van is presented for its MOT check in Litherland and subsequently what precisely the car failed the MOT upon.

NOTABLY - just in case your vehicle fails the MOT examination with us here within Litherland VOSA MOT testing station and its thereafter repaired by us, then in this case we are able to always carry out ones retest FREE (i.e. at zero cost to you), that is our thanks to you for making a choice to go with our Litherland VOSA MOT testing centre workshops.

If you would like any further explanation, then right here is range of the no cost retest points (if your vehicle failed the MOT over these particulars then a fast retest may very well be undertaken).

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